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AudioPressBox at Eurovision 2019

AudioPressBox at Eurovision 2019

AudioPressBox together with its partner in Israel Kilim Electronics Ltd. has participated with its devices at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The demand was for more than 180 Line/Mic Outputs some of it stereo and we have approached this with variety of our devices. 

The core of the system is a portable rack with 2x 2 channel Dante-enabled drive unit APB-D200 R-D and 4x APB-024 R-EX expanders. 

The additional outputs were covered through our portable solutions, so that they can be placed just where they are needed. This was achieved through APB-1.32 CB and APB-224 C units. There were also additional APB-008 SB-EX fed via APB-D116 R-D for even more portability.

 AudioPressBox at Eurovision 2019

If you have a similar event, or if you need to cover a large summit, or even just a small one, we have the right solution for you.

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