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References from all around the world

AudioPressBox references

AudioPressBox products are present all around the world and used on daily basis for professional press conferences. Below you can find some of the references and venues covered by our partners.

AudioPressBox APB-116 P

APB-116 P daisy chained at the ministry of interior affairs in Ukraine. The wooden sides of the unit nicely fit the interior.

APB-224 C

APB-224 C used in the government office in Slovakia. The portability of the unit allows it to be easily moved around the building to wherever it is needed.

AudioPressBox APB-1.32 CB

APB-1.32 CB is used at the Frankfurt Airport. The case consists of 1 drive unit and 4 portable exapnders allowing them to be placed anywhere across the room.

AudioPressBox APB-224 C

APB-224 C and the portable expanders APB-008 SB-EX together with the drive units APB-D100 were used for the journalists at the Eurovision song contest in Israel.

APB-116 P

APB-116 P is used for the outdoor press conferences without the need of electricity by the governor of Jakarta.


The combination of APB-D100 R drive unit and portable expanders APB-008 SB-EX is used at the Hungarian parliament press room.

AudioPressBox APB-224 C

APB-224 C is a popular choice for political parties. The 2 inputs, portability and rechargeable Accu-pack allow for a quick press conference both indoor and outdoor.

AudioPressBox APB-D100 R

APB-D100 R together with the rack expander APB-024 R-EX is used in a portable rack together with a wireless lectern to cover all the outdoor press conferences.

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