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System Integration of AudioPressBox devices

We have the experience from the field of system integration and this is also the reason why AudioPressBox fixed installation solutions were made.

The AudioPressBox fixed installation solutions should and will make the life of system integrators easier as they can include it in their projects while still in the designing phase.

AudioPressBox drive units are designed in a rack version so they can fit into a rack room.

Drive units:

AudioPressBox APB-D116 R-D Dante Press Box AudioPressBox D216 R-D Dante Mult box AudioPressBox D200 R-D Dante Mult box
Device D100 D100 R D200 R 208 R 400 R D116 R-D D216 R-D D200 R-D
Buffered expander outputs Yes Yes Yes Yes yes yes yes yes
2 output buses (A and B) No No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Number of buffered expander outputs 2 2 4 4 4 1 2 4
1 buffered expander output can drive up to 24 outputs 24 outputs 24 outputs 24 outputs 24 outputs 24 outputs 24 outputs 24 outputs
device can drive up to     48 outputs 48 outputs 96 outputs 96 outputs 96 outputs 24 outputs 48 outputs 96 outputs
Buffered expander output connector type XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR
Possibility of connecting microphone directly No No No Yes Yes No No No
Requires a mixing console Or a device with Line Out Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes


AudioPressBox fixed installation expanders are in In-wall, On-wall, Floor box, Rack expander and portable version. So you can adjust the type of solution for your project.


Device 008 SB-EX 024 R-EX 008 OW-EX 008 IW-EX 008 FB-EX P008 OW-EX P008 IW-EX P112 SB
Bus A and B No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Portable/Built-in Portable Portable/Rack Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Portable
Output level Line/Mic Line/Mic Line/Mic Line/Mic Line/Mic Mic Mic Mic
Input connector type XLR XLR Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix XLR
Output connector type XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR XLR
Requires APB Drive Unit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No


Now we even have dante-enabled drive units and press box for even easier integration of the whole project.

We also support system integrators directly so its allways best to contact us at : 

You can find out more inspiration in our applications section.

AudioPressBox application scheme for APB-208 R, APB-008 IW-EX, APB-008 FB-EX