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APB-216 C-D cover photo

AudioPressBox APB-216 C-D

Professional portable, active, Dante-enabled pressbox with 2 Line/Mic & 1 ch Dante inputs and 16 Line/Mic outputs. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor press conferences due to built-in rechargeable accu pack and heavy duty Nanuk case.

  • 2 MIC (phantom power) / LINE Inputs – balanced with gain control and 26dB PAD
  • 1 Channel DANTE Input - RJ45 ethercon
  • 16 balanced and individually transformer isolated outputs
  • Each Output is switchable between MIC or LINE output level
  • Built-in Compressor and Limiter for each Input
  • Li-Ion AccuPack with microprocessor controlled battery management
  • 20 hours battery operation time. Note: AccuPack is placed (built-in) inside the unit
  • On unit printed QR code for online access to manual, user guide and video guide



Rechargeable accu pack - 20 hours

Individually transformer isolated outputs

Mic/Line Inputs and Mic/Line Outputs

IP 67 waterproof case

Easy to use

Case Colour Variants







Default colour of the case is YELLOW. If you wish to order it in different colour please specify that in order.

APB-216 C-D Ecosystem



Analog Input

Dante Input

Dante Controller


Audio Press Box APB-216 C-D
Type 2 in 16 out with Dante
Groups 1
Input section
Inputs 2 analog, 1 Dante
Input connectors Balanced, XLR
Input Gain Mic: +22/+62dB Line: -4/+36dB
Max. input level Mic: -10/-30dBu Line: +36/-4dBu
Phantom Voltage 48V
Input Impedance Mic: 2,4 kΩ Line: 3,5 kΩ
Number of channels 1
PoE Requirement No
Reference level -18dBFS
Input connector RJ45
Output section
Outputs 16 Line/MIC level
Output connectors Balanced, XLR
Nominal Output Level +6dBu
Maximum Output Level +20dBu (no load)
+14dBu (600Ω)
Output impedance Mic: 220Ω Line: 600Ω
Transformer isolated outputs Yes (each output)
SNR 86dB
Frequency Response 120Hz to 30kHz/ -1dB
Input section 26dB PAD, Input gain, Phantom, Input 2/ Dante switch
Output section Power switch, Output PAD
Input section Phantom power, Input level
Power Supply 24V DC, 1A external adaptor
Battery Li-Ion, 14,4V 2200mAh
Battery operation time up to 20 hours
Dimensions (WxHxD) 370x 120x 300mm
Weight 4,8kg

Block diagram

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